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Understanding the Form 1099-Misc

The IRS 1099 Misc form needs to be filled out if you have certain, specific types of what is called miscellaneous payments to non-employees, like independent contractors. It also covers payments you make for certain types of business transactions where a middleman is involved. The form is filled out by the person making payments to you and must be included when you file your income taxes in April.

When to Use the IRS 1099 Misc?

If you have paid an individual or service provider at least $10 in royalties; over $600 for rent, prizes, awards, services, medical payments health care payments; any payments for the proceeds from a fishing boat; or any payments of over $600 to an attorney, you must file a 1099 Misc. You also need to use this form in you have made a sale of $5,000 or more to a buyer who will be reselling your goods. Note that personal payments are not to be reported on this form. Some of the forms of compensation that must be reported on this form are payments to non-employees, professional fees, payments by attorneys to witnesses, payments to non-employee entertainers, referral fees, and exchanges of services between two businesses.
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This form is only for reporting payments made by you in the course of your business dealings. The IRS’ instruction form breaks down not only all the items that you must report via this form, but it also notes all the exceptions and the various types of payments that should be reported. Those that should not be reported by you at all are also included.

Filing the IRS 1099 Misc Online

You must send 1099 Misc forms to those you have made payments to by January 31st. Further, you must then file the forms with the IRS by March 31st. These completed forms must also be filed with the state tax agency. The filing dates for state agencies vary, so you need to check with your state’s tax agency to ascertain the date. The fastest and easiest way to take care of these forms is to file 1099-misc online.

Currently, it is recommended that you complete filing of the IRS 1099 online. To do so, you will need to have software that allows you to scan in the completed forms for transmittal to the IRS. The preferred system for filing the IRS 1099 online is the Filing Information Returns Electronically System (FIRE System), provided at the IRS website. This system is available to you at no charge, and it can be accessed seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

When you file 1099-misc online, and in a timely manner, you are establishing a good way of staying on top of your payments to independent contractors and other non-employees that you do business with, whether occasionally or on a regular basis. Filing it electronically (online) makes it easier for you or your accountant to stay on point with your reporting activities each year. It also eliminates the need for extra cover/transmittal forms for each group of 1099 Misc forms you file.



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