Monday, 30 September 2013

How to Handle Truck Registrations When Filing Form 2290?

It is extremely important for owner-operators of heavy highway trucks to file their IRS tax form 2290. Most states will not let you register a heavy highway truck if the taxes on that vehicle have not been paid in full. The overdue balance is also subject to high interest rates, fees, and criminal imprisonment. The Federal government is very serious about finding out whether or not your form 2290 has been filed. You will not be issued a new registration if your taxes have not been taken care of properly. The state also has the right to revoke registrations on vehicles that have been registered prior to payment being due, if that payment is not received by the Department of Treasury by the date it is due. If this happens, you could lose time and money because you will not legally be allowed to operate your heavy highway vehicle.

If Your Heavy Highway Vehicle Registration is Due

One of the items that the tax office employee will do is check to be sure that your taxes are filed and paid in full. The county tax office will not issue your vehicle registration if the taxes have not been paid before you go to the registration office. You need to make sure your taxes are filed correctly and paid before you go to register your heavy highway vehicle. Your IRS paperwork should be up to date and you should bring the paperwork with you to the registration office so a tax office employee can certify your taxes are correct and filed with the state. 

When Your Heavy Highway Vehicle Registration Is Not Due

The vehicle registration office will check a database to see if your taxes are due for your heavy highway vehicle before they let you register that vehicle. If you previously paid your taxes in August the record will show that you are current with your tax obligations. The registration office will register your vehicle without a problem. As long as you have paid all the taxes for your heavy highway vehicle by August 31st of the registration year and your registration is due before you are required to file your taxes the following August, you may proceed to the vehicle registration office without any tax paperwork.

Registering a New Heavy Highway Vehicle

If you purchase a new truck and need to register it for your business, you need to file form 2290 before you go to the vehicle registration office. If you have not filed the tax paperwork that you need to give to the registration office, you will not be able to register your vehicle. It is best to file form 2290 before you go to register your heavy highway vehicle. Owner-operators are required to make sure their accounts are always paid in full to avoid having your vehicle registration suspended.



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