Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Like IRS Tax Strictures Towards Form 2290 For Truckers, FMCSA Form Safety Compliance Structures

Truckers should e-file form 2290 tax returns this tax season before or on the specific due dates and it is the federal order from IRS and similarly the CSA-Compliance Safety Accountability program as introduced by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) four years ago is equally to be adhered by the drivers of commercial heavy motor vehicles and fleet-owners of transporting industry as a whole. 

But FMCSA findings through Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance show that there is a low awareness rate among the drivers about the following of the basic rules. Hence the drive through road check by CVSA law enforcement officials normally helped in increasing the awareness rate year after year as the in-person checking of commercial motor vehicles and conversations with drivers brings in a good inter-action for imparting the basic guidelines for safety not only for drivers but also for all the users of national highways to prevent any untoward accidents. 

The accident death rates have been lowered due to this stringent exercise by CVSA in association with FMCSA in pursuing the CSA basic instructions.

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The CSA instructions stress on safe driving for drivers to be responsible without rash and reckless unsafe driving. The drivers should follow HOS-hours of service through electronic logging devices (hours of service guidelines are given to truckers for necessary action), as this only helps them to overcome fatigue and illness while driving on duty on the highways.

The CSA instructions to drivers are to be followed-up strictly, also equally is the adherence to the instructions given to commercial motor vehicle with regard to overcome OOS-out of service violations due to CVSA inspectors considering imminent safety hazard. The often sore parts of commercial heavy vehicle are the brakes and tires which should be maintained and conditioned and CVSA through FMCSA advise truckers and fleet-owners to use the best manufacturers’ brands in order to be complaint with the Compliance Safety Accountability-CSA.

Now truckers while adhering to Compliance Safety Accountability for their sustained transporting business should also e-file form 2290 tax returns by 1st July 2014 through IRS tax partner and certified service provider     



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