Tuesday, 6 May 2014

IRS 8868 Support Form To Support Cause Of Non-Profits And Tax –Exempt Organizations

Form 8868 is structured by IRS in a way of extension support given for 6 months to nonprofits and tax-exempt organizations in two different ways with an interval with part-1 of the IRS form 8868 supports for automatic extension for 3 months and the part-2 of the IRS form 8868 extends another 3 months conditional not automatic. There is an interval between part-1 and part-2.

Only when the part-1 as applicable with the automatic extension of time for 3 months is not enough for non-profits and tax-exempt can request through a fresh form of 8868 for part-2 as conditional extension of 3 months which is not automatic. The corporations involved in charities who required filing 990-T and coming under form 8868 as per IRS gets automatic extension of time for 6 months. Each form that represent under this 8868 should file request for extension time separately with each IRS form 8868 and no blanket requests are allowed by IRS.

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The forms that come under 8868 are assigned with a separate return code which needs to be filled-in the field given corresponding to return code applying for extension time for both part-1 as automatic and part-2 as not automatic. The forms as covered under 8868 are 990-BL, 990-or 990-EZ, 990-PF, 4720, 990-T, 1041-A, 5227, 6069, and 8870.These forms will be explained in brief and in context with form 8868 in our blogs for 8868.

In the same way the individuals representing exempt-organization filing this IRS form 8868 need to fill in their Social Security Number-the SSN in the given field as identifying number and others should fill-in their Federal Employer Identification Number and both fields should not be filled-in to-gether in a form 8868.

IRS form 8868 electronic filing as available for Non-profits and Tax-exempt organizations effective January 2011 excepting form 8870 can be filed electronically requesting for the time of extension for both part-1 as 3 months automatic extension and for part-2 as additional time of extension for 3 months which is not automatic through the IRS certified partner ETAX8868.com for fast and reliable response.

Please do not request Part-2 of 8868 for additional extension time unless non-profits and exempt-organizations have been already granted with part-1 automatic extension of time for 3 months. Use separate fresh form of IRS 8868 for those who wish to take-up additional extension time when part-1 automatic extension time of 3 months is not enough.

Corporations who are required to file 990-T only can get an automatic extension of 6 months through this form 8868 can now e-file with IRS certified service provider http://www.ETAX8868.com 



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