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What is Form 2290 and How Online IRS Tax filing happens?

Once you go through this article you will have an idea about the Form 2290. With this assurance, we will try to explain about Form 2290.

Form 2290 is also called as Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form or IRS form 2290. The names are different but the form is a standard form and the purpose is to file tax returns of heavy vehicles.

Form 2290 is controlled by IRS (Internal Revenue Services), which is entity of US Department of Treasury. It is a Government body that will collect the excise taxes from the Heavy vehicles owners who use the highways which are maintained by the IRS.

Don’t panic, not all the Truck owners have to be compulsorily pay the tax amount to IRS. Only those vehicles which are weighing more than the 55,000 pounds or more (Gross weight), will have to file form 2290 to IRS and pay the tax amount.

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Taxation period -

The usual taxation period is starting from 1st July to 30th June every year. People who are liable to pay tax, should pay within the tax period. The criterion is the tax should be paid in the month when the vehicle is first used. If the purchase of the vehicle and its first usage falls on the regular tax year’s first month i.e in July, you have to pay the tax for the entire tax period. If the purchase of the vehicles happens in any of the month after July, you need to pay the tax at the month when the vehicle is first use, but the tax amount need to be paid for the remaining left over taxation period.

If anyone fails to pay the tax on time, the IRS will send out a notice prescribing the penalties to pay. These penalties need to be paid separately to IRS.

Important Information’s required for filling up form 2290 -

Online IRS Tax Filing is the easiest way for paying the tax amount to IRS. You should have all the important details like Truck Details, business details, Bank account number (If you are opting for direct debit option). Business details should have information such as proper name of the business, Employer Identification Number(EIN) and the address of the firm. IRS will not accept the SSN information for completing the form 2290 while Online processing. If the EIN is not available, you need to apply to get it or else you should go for the paper filing option.

Tax Payment to IRS can be made by 3 options:

1. Direct Debit - This is very convenient mode of payment. The tax payers only need to give the account details in the form 2290. IRS will collect the tax amount directly from the tax payers account.

2. EFTPS - This is the secured online payment option available with IRS. Paying money through online transaction. Easiest mode of payment.

3. Check/Money order – This is for the paper filers and not the recommended mode to make the payment since the payer need to file personally visiting to the IRS office.

Payment Acknowledgement -

After the Tax payment, the IRS will issue the proof of tax receipt and it is called as Schedule 1. This schedule 1 will be issued by IRS for the truck owners which can be used to register the vehicles in any of the states in US.

Credits claims -

If at all if the truck owner is eligible for any credits, he can directly approach IRS. The credits cannot be claimed by form 2290, for that there is another form called form 8849. Form 8849 is a credit request form and this can be filed along with the suspended vehicles filing or with the taxable vehicle filing.

Filing Medians -

Not so familiarized with the filing processes?? Nothing to worry, just contact for any sort of assistance in Online IRS Tax Filing.



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