Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Different Payment Options That Are Available For IRS Form 2290 eFile

Being a truck owner in the USA, it’s a self-responsibility to declare the tax returns for the usage of the heavy vehicle trucks in the highways. A person in US really feels the responsibility and will come forward to file form 2290 but they really lack the information on the payment options available to pay the tax to IRS. There are easy online filings and the paper filing options, out of which E-file IRS form 2290 is the effective one which is the online based linked to the IRS. Electronic filing will really give you a best service and value added service in filing your Heavy Vehicle Usage Tax form 2290. Don’t get panic; if your due date to file the tax is coming closer, there is a faster solution online.
Few points to keep in mind when you do the e filing -

1. Do remember to review the Federal Tax ID Number or EIN [Employer Identification Number].

2. Do always double check your business name.

3. Keep a checklist to review the Tax year and Month which is applicable to your vehicle.

4. Do review your vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

5. Do not forget to sign and date your returns electronically.

6. Choose the best IRS payments available.

7. Review thoroughly all the information’s, once entered.

8. Considering all the above tips, E-file IRS form 2290.

image source: irs.com
Which options are available to pay tax?

As informed there are many options which are available with IRS to pay the truck tax, in other words to E- File IRS Form 2290. The options are given below -

1. Direct Debit Options (Electronic Fund Withdrawal) - If you opt for this option while filing the form 2290, you need to give your account details as well. This will help IRS to collect the tax amount directly from your bank account.

2. EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System) - To use this option you need to enroll first in the website www.eftps.gov . Once you get registered, you will be eligible for making the payment.  To payment should be on time and need to be paid at least 1 business day before the due date.

3. Check or Money Order - This is only for the papers filers. Our IRS accepts the checks and the Money order if it is scheduled by 30th. For the Canadian citizens this option is been advised by us as EFW (Direct Debit) may not work for them.

Just keep in mind that if you choose Direct Debit options as payment methods, your IRS form 2290 E file application will not be processed during the weekends or on national holidays rather it will be processed on next business day.

Special note - Do always double check TIN while return filing. Always review your return before submission. If we were contacted, we will explain all the needs of E file and the nuances involved in it. Our staffs will clarify all your doubts regarding the IRS form 2290 E file. Contact us today and experience the difference.



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